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e-Commerce Solutions
What is an E-Commerce?
The World Wide Web is the most popular application which runs over the Internet, the revolution of the Internet start when University of California researchers tried to connect to another computer in 60s over telephone lines the test word was (Log in). Now all computers communicate with each other over the high speed telephone communications and the new technologies of broad band.

By the mid of 90s the Internet became a money maker when companies start their online business in United States this period called e-Commerce I, when begun selling goods & services through Internet, cause of the lake of meeting the demand, and the support the companies had crashed by 2000 and start the new era of e-Commerce II.

Some models of e-Commerce I survived and toke the advantage of the first mover, gaining market share, and high profits. Difference between traditional commerce &e-Commerce, the market is changed from market place to market space, you can reach your target customer any where at any time with low cost, e- Commerce technologies make two way communications between you and your clients.

Web Consultant Groups providing complete e- Commerce service solution powered by five years experience in the global and local market, Web Consultant Groups had developed and convert businesses from offline to online business using the World Wide Web the first stage to the e- Commerce world, we offers you all the services related to the e-Commerce phenomenon.
Hosting, Web Development, e- Marketing.

e-Commerce Models
 The e-Commerce changes the working process and procedures, it creates new strategies in the business environment according to the new economic trends, the main e-Commerce models B2C (Business to consumer), B2B (Business to Business)

B2C (Business to Consumer) it’s the first model appears in the e-commerce business where the company can sell its good and services online to its clients, it has alternative ways like specific business portals (Vertical Portals) and general portals (Horizontal Portal) it works to serve the individual clients
B2B (Business to Business) here’s the corporation making online deals where company (supplier) sells to another company (distributor) and for import & export of goods. 

E-Commerce Technology
The e-Commerce technologies relay on the Internet infrastructure and the web development applications, which give high performance and stability to your online business, and converting the visitor to a buyer. Web Consultant Groups as a specialized web services company providing you a solid package to your online business which keeping you Website available 24 HRS / 7 Days, building and maintain the traffic to your Website, and cutting the cost and delay of transactions.
Hosting Features 
Web Consultant Groups providing alternative e-Commerce hosting plans on its dedicated servers which fit your online business needs, we have options to use Windows Server, or Unix Server according to the development application you use, support shopping cart, and online payment. Web Consultant Groups helps you to choose the right package to your online business in Egypt through out BA Business Analysis to your online business in Egypt, and guide you to get the best using of the hosting features and controlling it from your side, with Web Consultant Groups full support after sale.

Web Development
Web Consultant Groups has the vision of how to build an eye attraction "high graphic" website which reflects your corporate image to your clients, that’s which convert the visitor to buyer by simplicity and easy of use website, the products catalog, and informatively content.

Web Consultant Groups providing all this functionalities by the web design tools packages.

Payment System
Online Payment System is called "merchant account online" is the differentiate point between e-Commerce and e-Business; your online transactions are secured by the server SSL Secure Socket Layer. Web Consultant Groups handling your payment shopping cart with appropriate third party banks, according to your business needs.

E-Commerce Management
e-Commerce Marketing
Web Consultant Groups believes that offline marketing not died it has a significant role in online business behind the e-Marketing activities, starting from build the Web application graphic design which reflects your corporate image, maintain your brand name, how attract your offline clients visit your website. 

You invested in Internet, are you get return on your investment, build traffic on your website not that easy job, Web Consultant Groups enjoying you by high traffic on your website using e- marketing techniques.

Our staff has over 5 years of e-marketing experience can offers e- Marketing services which help your web site achieve an ROI (return on investment). e-marketing services are aimed at assisting your company to increase sales/ leads, by directing qualified traffic to your website.
Web Consultant Groups offers you offline and e-marketing consultancy on employing a strategy plan to maximize ROI.

CMS Solutions
Content Management System is the easiest way to who need regular updating at Website. That allows the editor to add new document or information directly to the Website which be ready to Website visitors at same time. Without technical programming background needed
Key Features:-

Navigation Management
- You can add unlimited Navigation Structure with this part.
- By default pages are created dynamically, but if you want to attach separate page then also you can attach by clicking Static & defining the page.
- Modify & Delete also can be done easily.
- At times when using static pages you need to develop page care fully if it has inside navigation.
- To add any content to the page you can use "ADD Article" which is followed by Add images & Add links to a particular article.

Setting Master
Change Password easily.
- Default Settings for articles.
- Default email address can be configured from here.

Mailing List Sign up.
- People who have enrolled for mailing list are here.

Article Manager
- To Update & delete articles.

Link Master
To Add, Update & delete Links.

e-Marketing Solutions
Web Consultant Groups offers e-Marketing services which help your web site achieve an ROI (return on investment).

e-Marketing services are aimed at assisting your company to increase sales/ leads, by directing qualified traffic to your website.
Our staff have over 4 years of eMarketing experience can offers you consultancy on employing an e-Marketing strategy plan to maximize ROI.

Web Consultant Groups currently offers and develops the following e-Marketing services:

- e-Marketing Strategic Consultancy.
- Search Engine Optimization SEO.
- Pay Per Click Advertising PPC.
- Online Advertising.

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